The healing, regenerative and transformative powers of dance movement therapies are hugely underrated and often do not get the recognition they deserve in the mainstream. In London however, you will discover a plethora of incredible people working hard to change this. London is home to some of the most diverse, highly acclaimed and experimental dance, acting and movement therapies in the world. 

One such organisation is Physical Lab, based in central London focused on physical theatre & acting. Founded in 2011 by Athens born Yorgos Karamalegos. 

The methodology of the lab is based on physical, emotional grounding methods that bring performers and individuals to a deeper connection with their bodies, to a point of greater freedom, clarity and authenticity.

This work is shared with individuals of non-performing backgrounds either through embodiment workshops (Pleasure Lab) or one to one sessions. 

Physical Lab has delivered over 150 workshops around the globe and its residencies have resulted in performances for over 2,000 people. 

"HOME" a theatre production.

The world of ‘Home’ is a poetic landscape that shifts between past, present and future in order to explore the feelings of desire, love, betrayal, suppression and revenge. 


The piece will explore and stage the symbolisms and metaphors of Medea's brutal actions, and identify those qualities within our contemporary lives. 

It is a hero’s journey of a modern man, who looks back in time and reflects on the key moments of his life, in order to go beneath the surface and explore his definition of home.

It introduces new text, poetry, voices, songs and rhythms, movement and stillness.

Sharing with the audience

Albin Lesky says that Euripides knew so well the vastness of the human soul that he was able to place love and hate right next to each other and to portray Medea finding inner unison within her contradicting nature.

‘Home' is an invitation to release its audiences suppressed desires, break away from conventional thinking and invite them to reconnect with their feelings and inspire the hero within.

A crowdfunded production. 

Yorgos and his team are seeking financial support, using the crowdfunding platform Indegogo, you can support Yorgos here

The team are looking to The Arts Council for support with the production and touring stage, which will take place in in the autumn of 2015 with previews in Liverpool and London, followed by a national and international tour in 2016. 

Their current financial focus is research, dramaturgy and rehearsal period, as well as travel and production costs. 

Physical Fest - International Physical Theatre Festival in Liverpool - is hosting a presentation of this research period on the 25th of May 2015 followed by a Q&A and is kindly supporting our project. 

The Creative Team

Direction: Yorgos Karamalegos 
Assistant Director: Tatiana Spivakova
Dramaturg: Despina Sidiropoulou
Performers: Yorgos Karamalegos, Despina Sidiropoulou, Tatiana spivakova. 
Producer: Peter Ward (Hope Street Ltd)

For information on Yorgos's work please visit: