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Good News Shared turns 1 year old.

Good News Shared turns 1 year old.

We recently discovered Good News Shared they are made up of a community of people who want to promote positive, charitable news.

They share uplifting stories based around a number of themes: inspirational people, amazing animals, celebrities supporting charities, and food. Much like People of London.

Good News Shared, was founded by Nisha Kotecha in 2014. Their assistant Editor, Alex Swallow, has a range of experience in the charity sector, and has assisted them with their social media, content creation, and strategy, helping the platform grow from strength to strength.

Good News Shared Volunteers

A number of people passionate about highlighting uplifting charitable stories have contributed to Good News Shared by researching and writing articles, being active on our social media sites including Instagram and Facebook, and contributing to their marketing strategy.

Good News Shared Ambassadors

Their ambassadors are carefully chosen people with a range of skills. They help support Good News Shared in a number of ways.

Joe Dilger: An Educational Governance Consultant, and a member of JCI. @Dilger1Joe

Ali Golds: Entrepreneur, speaker and author. @ali_golds

Andy Green: After a time in Apprenticeship recruitment and placement Andy moved to the Charity sector. Along with his day job, he manages a Charity Professionals Networking Group on LinkedIn, is a Digital Volunteer for The Desert Rats Memorial Association and is “really thrilled to have been asked to act as an Ambassador to Good News Shared.” @AndyForCharity

Judi Lembke: A writer and editor who specialises in feature profiles and other high-end content, Judi also works with documentary and other media, and is currently in the midst of a top-secret pitch that may be on your screens before the end of 2016..! @JudiLembke

Sophie Meadows: A Good News Shared supporter from the get go, Sophie started writing for Good News Shared during its early days, whilst studying English Literature at UCL. She loves theatre and collects ribbons. @SophieMeadows21

Mike Zywina: Experienced fundraiser & Founder of Lime Green Consulting, a consultancy advising on fundraising strategy, events management & individual giving. Trustee of AbleChildAfrica@mikezywina

Nisha started Good News Shared a year ago today to help people feel happy, inspired and energised to go out into their community and make a positive impact.

They have featured 332 inspiring, uplifting, charitable stories in our first year. You can read about some of their plans for our second year here: 

Good News Shared has the support of a wide variety of people. Their team of volunteers who focus on writing, researching, promoting and advising.  Find out more here.

Nisha has worked and volunteered for charities for a number of years now, this allows a massive amount of knowledge about charities and people around the world are doing amazing things for others, Good News Shared is helping people find out about these incredible people and the work they do.

Happy ONE year anniversary from the People of London Team! 

Robbie, Lewis & Lucy.