The very first of our guest directors we welcome Federica De Caria, who recently produced this short portrait about Dmitri, a London based violinist. 

The Violinist

On the streets of London walks a man with a yellow violin. His name is Dmitri. You could find him in Chancery Lane, on the buskers stage in between the two escalators that lead you to the platforms. Or at Sloane Square on a Saturday afternoon, when people walk around the stalls of the market facing the hard choice between noodle and fish and chips. Or again at King’s Cross. 

Dmitri lives in Maida Vale, with his two daughters. He has a violin as a best friend and a self-made routine. If you ask him what he does, he will answer you that he plays, he plays the all day and why not? All night, if he feels like. He thinks that the strict regime of the nine to five job is the most efficient killer of the two c's that should lead our lives: curiosity and creativity. That's why he wakes up when he feels like and then, and just then he goes out with his best pal.

He plays classical music, but he’s not part of an orchestra, and he doesn’t want to be. People often go over to him asking, but he shakes his head and smiles. He thinks that people nowadays have different habits. Whereas in the past we listened to classical melodies sitting for hours in the theatre, nowadays we don’t isolate one sense anymore. Consequently, he’d tell you, that old set up can’t still be the best for those masterpieces.

Often people might wonder if the one of being a busker can really be a choice. They might wonder if it’s lucrative enough as a choice or if those musicians put in front of a safer option would take it. The answer is probably subjective, but Dmitri clear ‘no’ comes with some well presented arguments. He’ll probably manage to get a smile out of you, but he is being deadly serious.

The man with the yellow violin might even tell you all this himself if you manage to spot him and offer him a coffee. Maybe an Italian coffee with some tiny little sweets. It’s in front of a coffee and small bites of chocolates that we started filming.

Written Directed & Edited by Federica De Caria