When the entrepreneur said ‘The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow’ we knew he was onto a good thing. We just didn’t know it yet.

We do now. Original brainchild of ex-Goldman Sachs suit turned Jazz Singer Simona Barbieri, Hub Dot, the company disrupting the way women network, will launch the first phase of its digital Italian piazza, the most famous of town squares, on 3rd February 2016, during the start-up’s third anniversary celebrations in London.

This platform will compliment the work of Hub Dot’s physical presence across 14 global locations by creating a digital space for authentic connections, using the concept of an online Italian piazza to bring storytelling back to the centre of society.

It is a unique concept tried and tested in the physical world, in that by removing preconceived societal labels – a title, a CV, a job description - and replacing them with five coloured Dots women are given the freedom to explore and start a conversation that begins ‘What is your story?’ and not, ‘What do you do?’ Hub Dot is truly disrupting the way women network and the platform will enable this to continue across time zones, locations and cultures enabling women to find transformational connections and inspiring content around what matters to them. When it suits them.

Moving out of beta testing, the launch of Hub Dot’s Italian Piazza’s is the start-up’s first step in leveraging technology for authentic human connections. Currently within digital projects for phase two launch, is a search algorithm. This technology will match women based, not on their titles, job description or CV but on their story, their interests and most importantly their Dots.

About Hub Dot

Hub Dot is disrupting the way women network.

At the core of Hub Dot is the mission to disrupt the way women network, regardless whether they are in business, at the school gate, in higher education or philanthropy.

We celebrate women in totality, though all phases of life and recognise that as women we reinvent ourselves. Hub Dot’s purpose is to support that journey.  We recognise fulfillment comes in many shapes and sizes. It may be a new social enterprise, a new inspiration or a job, a friend, a mentor or even a new handbag! So by creating an environment where transformative connections occur daily, energy is unlocked and an authentic connection between two women can turn into something extraordinary. Something that can impact and change lives. This connection is a little something we call Dot Alchemy and lies at the heart of what we do.

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