The film was directed, filmed & edited by Remy Archer one of the creative forces behind Circulus London. Circulus, an innovative and ground breaking circus troupe brings together the most promising circus and theatrical production talent in the UK. All the performers in the film are students of the NCCA (The National Centre for Circus Arts) 

The team perform in a variety of unusual spaces, like abandoned warehouses seen in their promotional film above.

Circulus aims "to transform a space, inviting our audiences to step from the mundane drudgery of the streets into a totally immersive, modern circus experience."

In the film above, they perform in a warehouse in London's east end, covered with dust, bricks, wood and metal scraps.

The result is truly incredible.

Circulus perform with a variety of props which include trampolines and mats.

You can find out more about Circulus here. 

To Book the Circus Troupe for your corporate event or product launch please use the following contacts Email: Phone: +44 (0)7826 516833