• Salon London (map)
  • The Tea Building
  • Shoreditch
  • United Kingdom

Our wonderful friends from Salon London is back again with another brilliant event, this time it will be in the very cool Tea Building in Shoreditch. 

Could there be better ways of spending your time on earth? Could your key skills be used in totally different ways? What are your ambitions beyond the usual goals of happiness, money and love?

Tough questions, and the world renowned Oxford scholar Theodore Zeldin believes conversation is the way to understand your own personal drivers.

So we will be hosting Theodore in this transformative Salon, and using his incredible research into conversation as a way to generate new motivations - because when minds meet they don’t just exchange facts, but create brand new ideas.

This Conversation Project was one of the biggest and boldest events of our summer festival season and we are beyond proud to bring it to London to open our autumn series: Motivate. Create. Innovate.

Come curious. Leave knowing how your life has shaped you so far, and how you’d like to shape your future life.