The Ministry of Stories is a local writing and mentoring centre in east London, where anyone aged eight to 18 can come and discover their own gift for writing.



Through a range of innovative writing programmes, and one-to-one mentoring, MOS helps young people discover and realise their own creative potential. The school builds confidence, self-respect and communication skills in both workshops for schools and out-of-school writing clubs. Then masterfully provide a publishing platform for young writers, so these fresh, exciting voices are shared with the world.

It’s rewarding work. But it’s not easy, they lament. MOS depends heavily on the whole community for their support, including a network of more than 500 dedicated volunteers. (You could be one of them.)

By making writing fun and accessible it is possible to really help young people find their voices.

The Ministry really focuses on challenging expectations and aspirations, and acting as a kindling to the flame, nurturing development, teaching skills and nourishing imaginations.


How is it funded? 

Good question. They get all the profits of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, which helps, but they don’t cover everything unfortunately.

They also rely on donations. You can help right now, if you like.

They also apply for funding from various sources. 

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who created the ministry of stories?

The Ministry of Stories began with Lucy Macnab, Ben Payne and best-selling author Nick Hornby – three believers in the power of writing to transform lives.

Their inspiration came from a place called 826 Valencia in San Francisco. This writing centre (which hides behind a shop for pirates) was founded by writer Dave Eggers and educator Ninive Calegari.

Fired by their success, we founded the Ministry of Stories in 2010.

Since then, they have built up a network of talented writers, educators and generally amazing people who all help make the Ministry work. 


If you love the Ministry of Stories please get in touch with them here.