Welcome to our very first mini documentary about the brilliant Bryony Kimmings an award winning performance artist. Bryony took time out from her busy schedule and spoke to us about her show Credible Likeable Superstar role model, her pop star Catherine Bennett our responsibilities to children in our society, and giving them the courage to become something important.

Bryony and Taylor her 9 year old niece have taken on the pop industry in a bid to try to bring awareness to the issues of the pop world’s flagrant attempts to sexualise and commodify childhood, they both decided to take on the global tween machine at its own game. They invented Catherine Bennett (or 'CB' to her fans), a dinosaur-loving, bike-riding, tuna-pasta-eating pop star, and vowed to make her world famous to prove that an alternative was possible!

You can meet CB and listen to her music on her website: catherinebennett.so

************* VERY IMPORTANT *************
Bryony has a kick-starter campaign that needs your support, she is in the process of making a documentary that charts the progress of Catherine Bennett her pop star she has created.

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